Banksy Bear

Banksy Bear tossing grenades at English cops

Banksy, English Street artist. While much of his art is ironic, interesting, and just freaking awesome. He also had some pretty powerful political stuff. The law as you see, is not on his side.


PUFF…The Magic Dragon

Blow UP Dragon

Joshua Allen Harris, A NYC artist. He uses garbage bags, places them over subway grates, and when the train goes by, the air comes up and fills up his creations. GENIUS. I hope i run into one of these soon!


Bender Header

Futurama's Bender Head!

ARTIST: OAKOAK , representing FRANCE…turns cement car blocker things into a Bender Head. Kudos.


Dont Mean A Thing If It Aint Got That Swing

Swinging bus shelter

  Bus Shelter in London with a swing. I interned at J.C. Decaux. They Made awesome bus shelters just like this. Love it.


The Bird. Is The Word.

Flipping the bird. Pole serves as middle finger.

This lovely hand was created by a German group of street artists who go by the name Mentalgassi.


Whip My Hair Back and Forth

Painted woman, head shaking, hair blowing, in beautiful blue and yellow colors.

This was taken in Valparaiso, Chile. Painted in a cyan monochromatic color scheme with yellow and orange highlights. The movement of the hair and the facial expression is just breath taking. I would love to hang this across my wall.


Flutter By

Giant Chalk illustration of a butterfly.

Giant Chalk butterfly. The shadows and the shading create a 3d effect. Viewing this butter fly from another angle may make it hard to understand what you are looking at. This butterfly was draw by Kurt Wenner in Mexico City. This is probably the most simple of his works. Much of his works is giant, [...]


Hanging Your Stripes To Dry

Person hanging a zebras stripes to dry.

BANKY ALERT! Banksy strikes in Africa. His black and white artwork can be found all over the world. This particular piece shows a person cleaning and hanging a zebras stripes to dry.


Whoo Whoo

Owl Kiling something

This Owl, carrying what looks like some tome of squid, was caught on film in Athens, Greece. I admire the artist for making such a beautiful owl seem so easy to make.


Uh, Natural Street Art.


The picture kind of speaks for itself. Created by artist Sandrine Estrade Boulet. Sandrine art is creative and fun. This artists sees the world from a very interesting view. She is a French Artist who takes everyday interactions with objects, and sees something totally different.  



Sewer Smoking a Ciggy

This storm sewer can be found in Brazil. I’m not sure who created, but it is wonderful. Storm drain art is definitely an up an coming street vamp. Keep making the boring amazing!



Figures made of ice.

Some people are just cold! These human silhouettes were made by Brazilian artist Nele Azevedo. He made thousands of them and let themĀ  slowly melt away, in Florence, Italy. I wish i saw them when i was there, I love Florence<3


Just For Fun

"Graffiti, It's a crime." on a billboard. Edited to say "Graffitti, it's a FUN crime!"

I’m not sure where this is from, but if it makes me smile, it is post worthy.


Swept Under The Rug

Painted Maid Holding Up A Curtain

BANKSY. Banksy is a well-known unknown Street Artist in London. He’s amazing. His artwork opened me up to street art. I’ll try not to go too Banksy on ya, butĀ  it’s hard not too!



Angry Faucet

Grrrrr…okay he’s not that scary but he is super cute. I love when artist make inanimate objects with emotions. By French Artist OaKoak!