Swoon Me!


Artist: Swoon Location: NY….. she creates these amazing collage of people and things, they are just beautifully colored and amazing.

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I cannot figure out where in NYC this is can someone PLEASE help me to find it! I just want to know what street this is on


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Thank you so much for this great webite! It is very informative.

Hello. And Bye Marry. IT was nice to see you at this sweet suger house.

i’ll post streets if i find them

it is apart of every day life. We commend these artists for going out there and making our ordinary even more extraordinary.

Sorry I dont check this regularly. Swoon is truely amazing. Any info i found was online. She uses mixed media, and i think she may bring cutouts with her. Sorry I’m far behind on comments on this. Google is probably your best bet for more answers.

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