Archive: April, 2011


Ulla Ulla!

This lively chalk pond was made by street artist Ulla Taylor. Her 3d work is very lively, and playful. Her work brings joy to many people. What more, check out


Puddle of Love

It isnt real, but that doesnt make it any less often.


Color Burst

This portrait was made by an artist who goes by the name Stinkfish, from Bogota. I believe this artwork is in Berlin. He uses black and beautiful colorful shapes to bring the portraits to life. I’m in love with this style.


Swoon Me!

Artist: Swoon Location: NY….. she creates these amazing collage of people and things, they are just beautifully colored and amazing.


A Very Expensive Wall

This installation is filled with cigarettes. This installation was  placed in southeast China to bring the people the awareness of how harmful cigarettes are. DONT BE A JOKE, DONT SMOKE!


It’s not a bird, it’s not a plane…

This superb Superman was seen in Toronto, Canada. Made by an artist who goes by the name Chalkmaster Dave. Chalkmaster Dave, We salute you.


Dirtest Wall On Earth

This installation was seen in China, about 3 hours outside of Hong Kong by artist Chinese artist Shu Yong. The waterfall is made of recycled toilets, sinks and urinals…there were over 10,000 of them!


Cookie n’ Sewer Caps!

Well it may not taste so good, but it looks great! More Brazil street art brought to you once again by Anderson Augusto and Leonardo Delafuente. INDULGE


Can’t Judge a Dummy by its cover!

This dummy was left on the side of the street, but dont call him a dummy, he’s current on the news..well at least the news that was going on when this was taken!


Little People, Big World

This little guy is sitting on this life size can. This was created by and artist named Slinkachu. He makes little models, photographs them, and leaves them for people to find. They are delightful!  Must see site



Julian Beever, English chalk artist creates amazing illusions. He does tons of work with companies, making our sidewalks, a better place.


The Trees Have Eye

This Tree has gotten a fresh look at life thanks to a UK street artist who goes by the name Filthy Luker. These eyes have appeared in a few other locations.


Gorilla Girls

This is a Billboard by an anonymous group of radical feminist, who pretty much kick ass. They’ve got a bunch of books out with amazing facts about women in history. Check them out



Location: NYC.  Content: Leonard Nimoy , known for his roll in Star Trek as Spock. His portrait is put together with the hair and makeup of Marilyn Monroe.



This piece is on Roebling Street and Metropolitan, in the NYC. I love reminds me of Tim Burton characters. Not sure who made though!