Category: Paint


Color Burst

This portrait was made by an artist who goes by the name Stinkfish, from Bogota. I believe this artwork is in Berlin. He uses black and beautiful colorful shapes to bring the portraits to life. I’m in love with this style.


Swoon Me!

Artist: Swoon Location: NY….. she creates these amazing collage of people and things, they are just beautifully colored and amazing.



Location: NYC.  Content: Leonard Nimoy , known for his roll in Star Trek as Spock. His portrait is put together with the hair and makeup of Marilyn Monroe.



This piece is on Roebling Street and Metropolitan, in the NYC. I love reminds me of Tim Burton characters. Not sure who made though!


Zip It

Street Zipper!



This piece was done by and artist from Florida known as Swoon. Her real name is Caledonia Dance Curry. This particular piece was done in Berlin, Germany. She creates a lot of cut out people, usually reflecting her friends and family.


Do You Dare?

This piece was done by Ger­man artists Mar­ion Ruthardt and Gre­gor Vosika. The did a series of these scary optical illusions in Moscow, Russia, for a Nike run. They created the illusions  with chalk and paint. Each piece took 8 hrs!


Need a Match

Afraid of the Dark? Have no fear when you visit Brazil. Giant matches to light your night!


Happy Feet

This Penguin is in Torino, Italy. Known as Linux graffitti. There seems to be a large following of these birds showing up all over the world. Not sure who is making them, but I sure do love penguins!



A ton of sewer storm drain art can be found on the streets of Brazil. The artists are Anderson Augusto and Leonardo Delafuente. They call their work the “6 Emeia Project”. They are most likely responsible for the previous storm drains I posted that were from Brazil.



This is a spray painted portrait of Jack Nicholson from the Shinning. If you’ve seen the movie than you know this scene where he goes crazy. This image is haunting. This piece was done in Berlin, Germany by French artist MTO. MTO generally paints large portraits of icons.


Mouse and Cheese

I’m not sure who made this, or where this is located. Storm drain art is very entertaining! Look out for it!


Banksy Bear

Banksy, English Street artist. While much of his art is ironic, interesting, and just freaking awesome. He also had some pretty powerful political stuff. The law as you see, is not on his side.


Bender Header

ARTIST: OAKOAK , representing FRANCE…turns cement car blocker things into a Bender Head. Kudos.


The Bird. Is The Word.

This lovely hand was created by a German group of street artists who go by the name Mentalgassi.