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Ulla Ulla!

This lively chalk pond was made by street artist Ulla Taylor. Her 3d work is very lively, and playful. Her work brings joy to many people. What more, check out


It’s not a bird, it’s not a plane…

This superb Superman was seen in Toronto, Canada. Made by an artist who goes by the name Chalkmaster Dave. Chalkmaster Dave, We salute you.



Julian Beever, English chalk artist creates amazing illusions. He does tons of work with companies, making our sidewalks, a better place.


Do You Dare?

This piece was done by Ger­man artists Mar­ion Ruthardt and Gre­gor Vosika. The did a series of these scary optical illusions in Moscow, Russia, for a Nike run. They created the illusions  with chalk and paint. Each piece took 8 hrs!


Chalk Box

Julian Beever, and English artists, creates a 3d illusion with chalk.


Float On

Girl in pool. This piece was done in chalk. It is a perspective piece and is best appreciated from this view. The amazingly talented artist is Julian Beever. He is a UK artist and has been bring pavement to life for over 20 years. His work is vibrant and full of depth. Hats off to [...]


Flutter By

Giant Chalk butterfly. The shadows and the shading create a 3d effect. Viewing this butter fly from another angle may make it hard to understand what you are looking at. This butterfly was draw by Kurt Wenner in Mexico City. This is probably the most simple of his works. Much of his works is giant, [...]



These are probably my favorite examples of street art. This particular piece was done by Tracy Lee Stum. Created with paint and chalk, this type of dimensional work is best viewed at one particular angle. Want more on Tracy Lee Stum?!


hello world :)

This shark breaking through the pavement was done in Hong Kong by Edgar Muller, a German Street artists. He’s amazing. If you want to check out more of his work check out his site